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Gymnastics Classes

$52 a month.

Bronze Ravens (Beginner- No Pre-Req)
  Skills to be Learned: Vault: Run, Hurdle, Stretch Jump - Bars: Strong Concept of Pull Over, Concept of Backhip Circle, Cast (Hollow Body), 5 Second Chin Hold - Beam: Releve (Forward & Backward), Pivot Turn, Straddle to Kneel Mount, Lever to T, Stretch Jump - Floor: Forward Roll, Backward Roll, Cartwheel, Push Up Backbend, Stretch Jump, Split Jump.


Silver Ravens (Intermediate-Pre-Req: All Bronze skills)

Skills to be Learned: Vault:  Handstand Timber to 1 Mat, Stretch Jump up to Resi Mat - Bars: Pull Over, Back Hip Circle, Cast, Underswing and/orSole Circle Dismount - Beam: L to Stand, Lever, Side Handstand Dismount, Heel Snap Turn, Stretch Jump Stretch Jump - Floor: Roundoff, Handstand for 2 Seconds, Chasse Leap, Quarter Turn Quarter Turn, Backward Pike Roll, Back Walkover, Handstand Forward Roll


Gold Ravens (Advanced Gymnastics) (Pre-Req: All Silver Skills)

 Skills to be Learned: Vault - Handstand Hop on floor, Handstand Timber on Mat  Stack, Straight Jump onto Vault Table, Jump Half Turn Off of Vault Table ; Bars -  Leg Cut Forward, Spotted Mill Circle, Leg Cut Back, Spotted Shoot Thru,  Beam - Lever, Leap, Split Jump, Spotted Handstand, Handstand Dismount Half Turn ; Floor - Handstand to backbend stand up (front), Handstand Straight Arm Roll, Concept of Back Handspring


 Pre-Team: (Advanced) Has to be evaluated and enrolled by kelsiefinney@acetribe.com.  Class for gymnast looking to prepare to join team.



Recreational Gymnastics Classes


ARK WinGS Gym offers Preschool gymnastics and cheer, Tumbling, Recreational Gymnastics and Cheer, Boys Tumbling, and other specialty classes. Our class programs are organized on a Level/Medal System that is based on progressions of skills and a special emphasis on technique. Classes begin at age 10 months through adults for male and female athletes, from beginners to advanced experience. ARK also offers specialty classes such as Stunt, Tryout Prep, Acro and more! Our 10,000 square foot facility is just the place where learning is fun and safe.


Tiffanie Reed

Gym Director


Kelsie Finney

Business Director


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