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$52 a month. *No Pre-Req's*


Intro 1: -Forward Roll -Backward Roll -Handstand Against Wall – Side Cartwheel (both sides) -Push up to a backbend


Beginner Tumbling: *Must be 9-18 years of age*
Working on: Forward Roll and Backwards Roll (not using hands to stand and landing on feet)-Backbends (push up and standing)-Backbend kickover-Handstand (unassisted)-Handstand Backbend to standing position- Side  and front Cartwheel-Power Roundoff


Boys Beginner Tumbling: *Must be 5 years old*
Working on: - Forward roll/Backward roll – Side and front Cartwheel/Handstand - Push up into a back bend -Round off -Backbend kick-over -Back walkover -Concept of backhand spring-Strength training, Core, and Agility work


ARK Noah Warriors: *Must be 5 years old*

Ready to become ARK's very first NOAH Warriors?!! Join our class version of everyone's favorite show, Ninja Warrior, and conquer our obstacle courses with a gymnastics twist! Noah Warriors will learn: *Strength & Conditioning, Speed & Agility* Tumbling: forward Roll -Backward Roll -Handstand Against Wall – Side Cartwheel (both sides) -Push up to a backbend* Conquer the Warp Wall, Rope, rock wall and more*

Intro 1 Classes


ARK WinGS Gym offers Preschool gymnastics and cheer, Tumbling, Recreational Gymnastics and Cheer, Boys Tumbling, and other specialty classes. Our class programs are organized on a Level/Medal System that is based on progressions of skills and a special emphasis on technique. Classes begin at age 10 months through adults for male and female athletes, from beginners to advanced experience. ARK also offers specialty classes such as Stunt, Tryout Prep, Acro and more! Our 10,000 square foot facility is just the place where learning is fun and safe.


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Gym Director


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Business Director


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