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$52 a month. *No Pre-Req's*


Intro 1: -Forward Roll -Backward Roll -Handstand Against Wall – Side Cartwheel (both sides) -Push up to a backbend


Beginner Tumbling: *Must be 9-18 years of age*
Working on: Forward Roll and Backwards Roll (not using hands to stand and landing on feet)-Backbends (push up and standing)-Backbend kickover-Handstand (unassisted)-Handstand Backbend to standing position- Side  and front Cartwheel-Power Roundoff


Boys Beginner Tumbling: *Must be 5 years old*
Working on: - Forward roll/Backward roll – Side and front Cartwheel/Handstand - Push up into a back bend -Round off -Backbend kick-over -Back walkover -Concept of backhand spring-Strength training, Core, and Agility work


ARK Noah Warriors: *Must be 5 years old*

Ready to become ARK's very first NOAH Warriors?!! Join our class version of everyone's favorite show, Ninja Warrior, and conquer our obstacle courses with a gymnastics twist! Noah Warriors will learn: *Strength & Conditioning, Speed & Agility* Tumbling: forward Roll -Backward Roll -Handstand Against Wall – Side Cartwheel (both sides) -Push up to a backbend* Conquer the Warp Wall, Rope, rock wall and more*

Intro 1 Classes


ARK continues to be a progressive, national and world recognized leader in the competitive cheerleading industry and has grown to one of the largest all-star programs in the world. Now ARK is putting a stamp with our USAG competitive gymnastics program. We offer both competitive All-Stars and Gymnastics teams.


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Gym Director


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Business Director


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